Volkswagen IAA 2017
Everything about Volkswagen’s IAA 2017 booth and media revolved around people. Literally. At the center of the stage, on a rotating platform, and with a 360° view of the world of Volkswagen. Individual guided tours, themed lounges, pop concerts, soccer stars and celebrities made the focal point a thrilling experience for every visitor. I helped create the media for the 11 huge LED screens. More images and film in the making. Agency: Blackspace
Volkswagen Int. Partner Meeting
Volkswagen invited their retail partners from all around the world to introduce them to Volkswagen's new strategy. I helped tell stories both in films between sections and intros for new models and in augmented reality, where a boy goes on a virtual journey with his family - and dog. Agency: Blackspace Photos: Stefan Bösl Video of the event still in the making.
Western Digital My Cloud
I directed and animated this spot for Western Digital. Their private cloud solution "My Cloud" is the ideal symbiosis of fast and safe data storage with cloud access anywhere anytime.
Sportscheck rebrand
Sports equipment retailer Sportscheck was rebranded by one of Germany's top branding agencies "Strichpunkt". I made two "design" films to present the look and feel of the new Sportscheck.
Inside Quest
Pitch for a rebrand of the Youtube Show Inside Quest by Quest Nutrition with Tom Bilyeu. I did the direction, design and animation.
Reel Motiondesign & Direction
My Motiondesign & Direction Reel
Creativity always starts with an idea. Sooner than later many ideas bounce around. After a phase of chaos, sometimes the finish line looks a lot like the start. But it isn't. It's the essence without the crap. Only through the pain of chaos we can find the essence. This is also a homage to the greatest motiongraphics clip of 2015. The FITC opening titles.
Mercedes-Benz AMG
Direction, Edit and Motiondesign of the release trailer for the new AMG retail experience.
For the municipal utilities "Stadtwerke Kiel" I developed, directed and animated several shorts explaining the concept of the smart meter - the new digitale electric meter.
A dotty brand
Two versions of the mood a brand based on dots can have.
Audi Compliance Campaign
For the internal Audi Compliance Campaign I was asked to conceptualize, direct and animate a series of clips explaining the various areas of compliance.
Tim Ferriss Podcast - Teaser
This is a little teaser and Identity I made for the TIM FERRISS SHOW Podcast. Because I love it. The concept: One teaser per episode that should give a glimpse of what is coming up. If you don't know the Podcast, you should check it out: Consider this as "fan art", there is no endorsement by Tim, and this is only a concept I played around with after work.
SERIAL Podcast - A Teaser
Here's a teaser and two posters I made for my favorite podcast: "SERIAL Season 1" by This American Life. This is personal work.
Infiniti FX Vettel
This is probably the most exclusive project I'll have ever worked on. The "Infiniti FX Vettel" is a special version of the FX SUV with Sebastian Vettel's branding. Infiniti is selling only 200 cars to exclusive premium customers in Europe, Middle East und Russland. Customers - and only they - get a brand new iPad 3 with a special app pre-installed on the device. I created the 3D Version of a carbon heart that symbolizes the strength oft the Infiniti FX Vettel.
AMG driving academy
A transmedia campaign concept for the AMG driving academy visualized
Brands - A guide how to become sexy and powerful
"Brands" is a short animation movie inspired by the book "Good bye Logo" by Neil Boorman. Neil was working in the ad business until he didn't. Obsessed with brands, one day he asked himself how life would be without brands. Especially: his life. During his experiment of living without buying one single famous brand, he discovered a few very interesting things I tried to sum up in this little movie. While working on this project I learned a lot about perception, manipulation and - believe it or not - honesty.