A Freelancer you'll enjoy working with

At infamous ad agency Jung von Matt, I wore the Art Director hat. Then, in 2012, I flipped the script and stepped into the freelancer/startup shoes myself. Heck, I’ve even roped other freelancers in for my own pet projects, funded from my own pocket.

Having danced on both sides of this tango, my aim’s clear: to be the smoothest, no-drama freelancer you’ve ever teamed up with.

Rolland-Adam Sigmond

get to know me

The hard facts

Freelance Motiondesigner & Director

CEO & Creative Director at my Startup "Marbleverse", An AR-Boardgame

Art Director At Ad Agency Jung Von Matt

Double Master's Degree In Motiondesign And Interactive Media Concepts

Bachelor's Degree In Media & Communication Sciences

what makes me different

the codes I Work by

Commitment to Quality

With years of experience, I’ll seamlessly integrate with your team, maintaining your agency’s reputation and aiming to impress your clients.

Reliability & Collaboration

I’m a reliable ally, ready for your project needs. Whether solo or with your team, I’ll meet deadlines seamlessly.

creativity & Innovation

When you need help, you want a pro, not a problem. I’m here as your dependable ally.

Constant Communication

From afar, I prioritize clear communication. Our conversation is a two-way dance; the better our exchange, the better the outcome.


In this business, discretion is key. I’ll handle your sensitive details with utmost care, ensuring your agency’s data is securely guarded.

Quality vs. Budget

Navigating quality with budget? I won’t sugarcoat it—I’m not the dollar store of motiondesign. But I deliver fast and drama-free. If you prioritize excellence, let’s connect.