aka. Roland Sigmond
+43 677 62 13 05 14 (austrian mobile phone)
+49 851 22 60 98 67 (skype, reach me wherever I am)
+49 160 29 16 15 6 (only whatsapp & facetime)
Based in Vienna, Austria. Working worldwide.

Hungarian born in Romania, grown up in Germany, now living in Vienna, Austria.
His biography, growing up in multiple cultures, taught Gary that there is always more than one truth. For example reliability and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. Your mindest decides what is possible - and what isn't. 
That's why it is important to be adaptable to the challenges and needs of clients.
Don't speak to respond, speak to understand.
Only this way is it possible to create the most creative and suitable solution.
In the end we, creative professionals, are solvers of very specific problems.
And since hard work is irreplaceable, it's tough enough - no reason to be a dick. Be charming instead.
To solve problems one thing is mandatory: curiosity. Be interested not only in two dimensional pixels, but in life. Creativity is a network of questions asked and answers earned. The questions define what answers you get. Sounds cheesy, but it's true.
Important questions examples? Here:
Are women with blonde hair getting extinct? (would be a great loss)
How do you become a competitive eater? (ask Takeru Kobayashi)
What's the cutest animal on the planet? (answer: here)
Gary's curiosity lead him to take on new side-challenges every year. New sports (Beach Volleyball, Swimming, Ping Pong), new Instruments (Piano, Ukulele), or even inventing his own game (marbleverse).
Did he succeed in all of these? Of course not.
But did he learn from every challenge? Definitely yes!
(Little secret: The biggest fails harbour the biggest learnings)
And isn't that the purpose of it all? Learning and putting that knowledge to good use.
On January 6th 2009 Gary had the very unfortunate experience of facing a deadly situation. The scales for situations generally titled as "problems" and "fears" got totally shifted that day. This made him three things: 
1. focused - if you say "yes" to something" you always say "no" to something else
2. relaxed - how to stay more focused: chill and manage your energy
3. appreciative - appreciation is the antidote for anxiety
Be charming. Stay curious. And just relax.
Like I said in the beginning, there is always more than one truth. These are my truths, what are yours?
Let's talk. I'm buying the first round.
(Gary Hun is the hungarian artistic part of Roland Sigmond) 
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