Agency Pitch

Idea, Concept, VO-Text, VO-Direction, Editing

Lamborghini’s iconic rebranding was on the horizon, and I got the task to craft a film that didn’t just echo the brand’s ethos but also left the jury a tad misty-eyed. Rolled up my sleeves and dove right in. The result? The hustle was worth it, because the agency snagged the top spot. Cheers to that win!

Pitch projects… they’re notorious for their breakneck speeds. So, when faced with this, I didn’t just wing it—I strategized. We had the agency in one corner, and a sound design studio handling the beats, effects, and mix in another.

Here’s the kicker: I pitched setting a fixed BPM from the get-go. Why? It let us kick off the editing and music-making in tandem, even without a clear-cut film direction.

The beauty of working with pros? We played a creative game of “ping-pong”. Sharing, tweaking, refining—even from our separate corners of the world. It felt like we were jamming together in one room, molding this masterpiece. And the end product? Seamless synergy.

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