MYTY Agency Network

Concept, Script, Shooting, Editing, VO-Direction, Animations

There’s a new player in the agency game: MYTY. They’re tearing up the scene as the DACH region’s fastest-rising agency network. Their mission for me? Amplify their narrative of roping in elite talents and agencies. Our collaboration? A dynamic lineup of films, each telling a piece of the MYTY story.

MYTY Imagefilm

First, we had to create a MYTY image video, which of course explains what MYTY is and what is so special about this new network. So we created a concept, a script, the animations and edited the film. Most footage was delivered from various agencies.

Agency Portraits

Every agency that joins MYTY gets their own film. This is one for the eCommerce agency “Norisk”, that we also shot.

MYTY Rewind

There’s a lot happening within an agency network, and that needs to be communicated. For this purpose we create “MYTY rewind”, a format that shows the most interesting happenings from the last weeks.

Some More Cool Projects