Yes, I can design logos & UI if they’re an aspect needed to tell a story.
But if your client Tesla needs a new logo, you should hire a branding studio (here).


Yes, I can tell a good story that transports your brand-message.
But if you need a 90 minute Netflix documentary, hire Michael Moore first, and then hire me to learn from him.


Yes, I can wirte a killer concept that everyone gets and that doesn’t fall apart.
No “but”.


Yes, I can push After Effects to its limits.
But If you need a 3D animation like Disney, hire a 3D-Animator (here).


Yes, I can edit your film, both with or without animation.
But I don’t do TikTok content.


I was raised to be easy going, honest, professional, polite.
But I also need undisturbed time for focussed, effective work.

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